Beverly Tender – Little Curly​/​boy is a Bird

ARTIST : Beverly Tender
TITLE : Little Curly​/​boy is a Bird
LABEL : Disposable America
RELEASE : 11/29/2019
GENRE : indierock, mathrock, artrock
LOCATION : Providence, Rhode Island

1.Foreword by Gampy
2.”In an old square where the ocean of the bad weather puts its behind on a sad bench with eyes of rain”
3.”Prologue: Delphi, 2666 BCE”
4.”>>>April 17, 2018″
5.”Zoot zoot! Space Dog sees an oracle beyond the melting lunar sky.”
6.”On Earth”
7.”We are the children of the future on earth”
8.”Hot bionic henchmen, acting calm”
9.”Leaky, omnipresent voice in the sewers. An Instruction. A Recipe?”
10.”On the moon, a quiet asteroid pelting. Looking back, prognosis badsoes” 11.”It is for a blonde and buxom nag that you pine in this cabaret of nothingness which is our life.”
12.Wonderful Noise Outro

プロヴィデンスのインディロック、マスロック、アートロック・バンド Beverly Tender が、新作アルバム ‘Little Curly​/​boy is a Bird’ を Disposable America からリリース。