Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food Tigers – A Cassowary Apart

ARTIST : Andrew Tuttle & Padang Food Tigers
TITLE : A Cassowary Apart
LABEL : bedroom suck records
RELEASE : 2/12/2021
GENRE : experimental, ambient
LOCATION : Brisbane, Australia

1.Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Fifty-Six
2.Elphin Cantle
3.Broadbeach Talbot Intersection
4.Game of Marginal Gains
5.An Appropriate Bluff
6.Wednesday’s Elders
7.Inveterate Observatories
8.Bespoke Proviso

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ブリスベンのギタリスト Andrew Tuttle と、デュオ Padang Food Tigers とのコラボレート・アルバム ‘A Cassowary Apart’ が、bedroom suck records からリリース。

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