all cats are beautiful – the things we made EP

ARTIST : all cats are beautiful
TITLE : the things we made EP
LABEL : Moshi Moshi Music
RELEASE : 8/6/2021
GENRE : electronic, artpop

1.(u know) u mean a long minute 2 me
2.u c right thru me like a windowpane
3.thought i saw u in the shop last nite
4.interlude (voicenote)
5.i get dayblindness when ur nearby
6.skippin down the stairs like a slinky
7.tryna b the 1 2 solve ur shape

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ロンドンを拠点にするエレクトロニック、アートポップ・デュオ all cats are beautiful が、新作EP ‘the things we made’ を、Moshi Moshi Music からリリース。

created by Rinker
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