Ai Yamamoto – Pan De Sonic – Iso

ARTIST : Ai Yamamoto
TITLE : Pan De Sonic – Iso
LABEL : Room40
RELEASE : 1/29/2021
GENRE : experimental, ambient
LOCATION : Melbourne, Australia

1.Waking up – Alarm, podcast, kettle
2.Start of the day – Toaster, water, Gas, cutting apple, chopstick, glass, cup, bowl, knife, hand mixer, kids, cat
3.Ritual – Brushing
4.Late morning – Remote learning and house chores, remote working (washing machine, vacuum cleaner, printing, typing, clicking, pencil, paper, cup, glass bottle
5.Afternoon exercise – tennis, walking, trampoline, beer can, frog, more
6.Wine glass assembly waltz (Wine glass)
7.Evening Night fall – Fire, cricket, wine glass etc
8.Gigi’s lullaby (cat purr and melody with wine bottle)

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奈良出身でメルボルンを拠点にするエキスペリメンタル、アンビエント・アーティスト Ai Yamamoto が、新作アルバム ‘Pan De Sonic – Iso’ を、Room40 からリリース。