Acid Carousel – Another Everything

ARTIST : Acid Carousel
TITLE : Another Everything
LABEL : Dreamy Life Records/Get With It! Records
RELEASE : 5/17/2019
GENRE : psychrock,psychpop
LOCATION : Denton, Texas

1.Open up and. . .
2.Step inside
3.Keith Richards (first acid trip)
4.See their eyes glow
5.For you and. . .
6.For everyone
7.In California soon
8.Where everyone's doing it
9.Jillian Henning
11.Now that you are
12.All clean
13.This is all you'll ever need
14.Overture (morning)
15.The Collector
16.Flagrant thunder
17.Existential ritual
18.Love is blind
19.Dr. Space
20.The Collector Part II
21.Velvet Jesus space camp

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デントンを拠点にするサイケデリックロック/ポップ・バンド Acid Carousel が、新作アルバム ‘Another Everything’ を、Get With It! Records/Dreamy Life Records からリリース。