Aaron Lee Tasjan – Karma For Cheap: Reincarnated

ARTIST : Aaron Lee Tasjan
TITLE : Karma For Cheap: Reincarnated
LABEL : New West Records
RELEASE : 8/30/2019
GENRE : ssw
LOCATION : Nashville, Tennessee

2.Strange Shadows
3.If Not Now When
4.Heart Slows Down
5.End Of The Day
6.My Whole Life Is Over (All Over Again)
7.Set You Free
8.Crawling At Your Feet
9.The Truth Is So Hard To Believe
10.The Rest Is Yet To Come

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ナッシュヴィルのシンガーソングライター Aaron Lee Tasjan の新作アルバム ‘Karma For Cheap: Reincarnated’ が、New West Records からリリース。